This document describes experiences with running Linux on a Toshiba Satellite 1410-401 (be) (P-M ?) Model PS141E-18G1V-EN

This page was started the day the machine arrived, and is developing.

As soon as they are working sufficiently, they will be given to their users, so I will no longer have access to the machines (unless they happen to be on the internet, which is rare).

This report is listed at TuxMobil - Linux on laptops, notebooks, PDAs and mobile phones under Toshiba

Overall Description

The 1410 has a range of models from ??, 256-1024MB (or 512) DDR SDRAM, 14.1" XGA 1024x768, 30GBi. Our 1410-401 has is a 2GHz Celeron M (linux says Mobile Intel Celeron), 400MHz FSB, with 256KB Level 2 cache.

Floppy Drive, 8*DVD-ROM Integrated Trident Cyber ALADDiN-T Napa2T 4 AGP bus graphics accelerator (NVIDIA GeForce4 420 Go) BitBLT, 3D graphic acceleration, 16MB Video RAM (Shared with System Memory)

Touchpad pointing device ECP parallel port, SVGA monitor port, 3 x USB port, RJ11 modem interface, RJ45 LAN interface, Infrared, TV-Out, 2 x PC Card Type II or 1 x PC Card Type III (CardBus supported), memory expansion slot, Headphone socket, External microphone socket 328 x 287 x 43/45 mm, 3.2Kg Rechargeable, removable Li-Ion battery. Up to 2.5 hours per charge 16 Bit stereo supports SoundBlaster Pro format; Built-in stereo speakers; integrated V.90 56k modem; 10/100 integrated LAN 1 year International Arial fitted for a WiFi upgrade.

Initial system Load


I was given the machine unpacked.


Inserted PM 8.0 CD, installed, and shrink the C: partition to 7GB.
PowerQuest Partition Magic has detected error 116 on the partition starting at sector 58621185 on disk 1.

The starting LBA value is 58621185 and the CHS value is 16434494.
The LBA and CHS values must be equal.
PowerQuest PartitionMagic has verified that the LBA value is correct and can fix the CHS value.

Would you like PowerQuest PartitionMagic to fix this error?

RedHat 9 network Load

Inserted 9 network boot CD, and booted. Selected "2 Button Mouse (PS/2)".

Set up hda3 as 894-1024 (1GB), hda4 as extended partition, and hda5 as 1GB swap.

`lspci' knows about most of the devices.

RedHat generic

Device Tuning

Graphics - 1024x768 nv `just works'

Using the nv driver at full resolution `just works'.

Network - eepro100 UTP OK

The eepr100 is an old NIC - just works.

APM - just works

`apm -s' puts it to sleep, and power button wakes it up.

Setting boot mode to resume makes the power button make it sleep and wake up.  

WinModem - binary SmartLink driver works at 48Kb/s

Chris Bagwell recommends using the 2.7.8 version of the SmartLink driver.

Unpack the tarball, ensure /usr/src/linux/include is right, type `make' and `make install', add `options slmdm country=UK' to /etc/modules.conf, and it all just works - 48Kb/s to our 3Com Total Control HiPer ARC (TM).

IRDA - not tried, but

See wouter

Remaining niggles

Piete Brooks 2005-05-02