Computer Laboratory


In 2012-2013, I have or will be the following courses:

Please submit all your work by 5 the day before the supervision. If you want to hand in your work to Student Admin, then please do drop me an email so that I make sure to pick it up. I expect everyone to make a decent attempt at the work. I realise that things can get busy, so if you find yourself unable to do the work, please email me to reschedule the supervision. But please don't turn up empty handed. It's a waste of time for you, your supervision partner and myself. Feel free to email me with questions at any time before or after the supervision :)

All the question sheets stem either from 1) example sheets provided by the course lecturer 2) past tripos questions 3) questions found in the course textbook(s) 4) inventions of mine. If you want to reuse some of the material, I'd be grateful if you could drop me a quick email before hand. Many thanks