Nishanth Sastry's Publications


  1. CYRF: A Theory of Window-based Unicast Congestion Control[PDF]
    Nishanth Sastry and Simon S. Lam
    IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networks 13(2): 330--342 (2005).
  2. Data Delivery Properties of Human Contact Networks[PDF]
    Nishanth Sastry, D. Manjunath, Karen Sollins and Jon Crowcroft
    IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 10(6): 868--880 (2011).
    Spotlight paper for the June issue

    Conference & Workshops (peer reviewed)

  3. SpinThrift: Saving energy in viral workloads[PDF]
    Nishanth Sastry and Jon Crowcroft
    SIGCOMM Green Networking Workshop, 2010
    Talk: (To appear).
  4. Real world routing using virtual world information[PDF]
    Pan Hui and Nishanth Sastry
    2009 IEEE SocialCom Workshop on Leveraging Social Patterns for Security, Privacy and Network Architectures (SP4SPNA09)
  5. Buzztraq: Predicting geographical access patterns of social cascades using social networks[PDF]
    Nishanth Sastry, Eiko Yoneki and Jon Crowcroft
    Eurosys Social Network Systems Workshop, 2009.
    Talk: .key, .pdf
  6. Delivery Properties of Human Social Networks[PDF]
    Nishanth Sastry, Karen Sollins and Jon Crowcroft
    INFOCOM 2009 Miniconference
    Talk: .key, .pdf
  7. Architecting Citywide Ubiquitous Wi-Fi Access[PDF]
    Nishanth Sastry, Jon Crowcroft and Karen Sollins
    HotNets, 2007
    Talk: [ppt]
  8. Disseminating Expertise in Social Networks[PDF (local)], (IBM Research)
    Nishanth Sastry
    HotWeb, 2006
  9. A Theory of Window-Based Unicast Congestion Control
    Nishanth R. Sastry and Simon S. Lam
    In IEEE ICNP 2002
  10. Multi-purpose Web Server and API for Web-enabling Compute- intensive Applications
    Nishanth R. Sastry, Nagendra Subramanya, Sarvesha Yellappareddy, and Gopal Srinivasan
    34th Annual Convention of the Computer Society of India. Tata McGraw-Hill Publications, November 1999
    Best student paper award
  11. A Time-stamp based extension to the Isarithmic Congestion Avoidance Scheme for Incorporating Soft Real-time traffic in Internetworks
    Nishanth R. Sastry and Hemanth T. Dattatreya.
    In Proc. Cyberia'99. IEEE Student Branch, S.J. College of Engineering, Mysore, India. May 1999.
    Best paper award


    (All the patents below derive from my work at IBM, and they hold the rights to the inventions)

  12. Advanced discussion thread management using a tag-based categorization system[link]
    Nishanth Sastry and Alexander Kordun
    US Patent No. 7,962,555, Granted 2011
  13. Computer Method and Apparatus for Parameterized Semantic Templates with Type Annotation[link]
    Nishanth Sastry and Steven Ross and Daniel Gruen and Susanne Hupfer
    US Patent No. 7,885,973, Granted 2011
  14. Computer method and apparatus for graphical inquiry specification with progressive summary[link]
    Steven Ross and Nishanth Sastry and Daniel Gruen and Susanne Hupfer and John Patterson and James Christensen and Stephen Levy
    US Patent No. 7,877,367, Granted 2011
  15. Method for Nested Categorization using Factorizationlink
    Nishanth Sastry
    US Patent No. 7,487,143, Granted 2009
  16. Method of retrieving records from a database[link]
    Nishanth Sastry
    US Patent No. 7,325,004, Granted 2008

    There are several other patent applications pending with the US Patents and Trademarks Office.

    General Articles

  17. Nuances of the Java 5.0 for-each loop [link]
    Nishanth Sastry, O'Reilly and Sun Microsystems, Publishers. Nov 2006.
  18. Deriving the visitor pattern[link]
    Nishanth Sastry.
    Java Developer's Journal, 10(11): 26--28, Oct 2005
  19. Visualize your data with gnuplot[link]
    Nishanth Sastry
    IBM developerWorks. July 2004