Computer Laboratory

Dr. Neal Lathia


I am a Senior Research Associate in the Networks and Operating Systems Group of Cambridge University's Computer Laboratory. If you're looking for my consulting work, it's here.

I am currently funded by the EPSRC UBhave (Ubiquitous and Social Computing for Positive Behaviour Change) Project, with Cecilia Mascolo and Jason Rentfrow, where I am analysing and developing Emotion Sense. I am also working on developing Q Sense, a sensing-powered smoking cessation smartphone app, with Cecilia, Felix Naughton, and Stephen Sutton.

My research to date falls somewhere in the intersection of data mining, mobile systems, ubiquitous/pervasive systems, and personalisation/ recommender systems, applied to a variety of contexts where we measure human behaviour by their digital footprints. You can find my research blog here.


Prior to joining the Computer Lab, I was a Research Associate in the Department of Computer Science at University College London. I researched personalisation in mobile/public transport contexts as part of the EC i-Tour project, with Licia Capra.

I also obtained my PhD from University College London (supervised by: Stephen Hailes and Licia Capra), funded by the EPSRC Utiforo project: my doctoral work centred around online recommender systems and evaluating collaborative filtering algorithms over time.


  • January 2015: Emotion Sense i-Teams project launching!
  • October 2014: Paper on public transport crowd-sourcing to appear at Mobiquitous 2014
  • September 2014: Chapter on mobile recommender systems accepted to the 2nd edition of the Recommender Systems Handbook
  • August 2014: Android Q Sense study launching. Smoker who wants to quit in the Cambridge/London area? Join us!
  • July 2014: PLOS One paper (lead by Chloë) accepted.
  • January 2014: Launch and first tests of the Easy M experience sampling tool underway...
  • September 2013: Join the Coursera Introduction to Recommender Systems; I'm interviewed in Week 8/9 about my doctoral research.
  • June 2013: Paper about the open source sensing libraries to appear at the MCSS workshop.
  • May 2013: Read all about it! Emotion Sense in the press

Contact Information

Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge
William Gates Building
15 JJ Thompson Avenue
Cambridge CB3 0FD

Computer Laboratory Office: FN01
Twitter: @neal_lathia


You can find me online on: twitter, LinkedIn, Google Scholar, wordpress, slideshare Google+, Quora,, goodreads, Mendeley.

I have also set up two google groups: one for researchers interested in Shared Bicycle Systems and another one for all researchers who study Public Transport in London (e.g., Oyster card data).