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My laboratory e-mail address is nad@cl.cam.ac.uk. NAD are my initials. They have a wide range of other meanings.

NAD - Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide
A chemical substance used in the storage and tranfer of energy within the body.
NAD - No Abnormalities Detected
A medical term. I once saw my GP write this on a medical form, which led to a bit of cognitive dissonance, even though I knew what it stood for, I couldn't help thinking "why is he putting my initials in that space?"
NAD - a brand of consumer electronics
High-performance audio equipment.
NAD - the IATA code for Macanal airport
Macanal is in Colombia, near the Venezuelan border. 67°35'W 2°34'N
NAD - National Association for the Deaf
A US organisation.
NAD - Centre NAD
A Canadian outfit: the Centre National d'Aninimation et de Design.
NAD - Nordiska Nämnden för Alkohol- och Drogforskning
The Nordic Council for Alcohol and Drug Research
nad. - abbreviation of nadir
nadir noun 1. the point on the celestial spehere directly below an observer and diametrically opposite the zenith. 2. the lowest point; depths. [14th Century from Arabic (via Old French) nazir as-samt, literally "opposite the zenith"]
nad - russian above, higher than
For example "nad oblakami": above the clouds. Information from Dmytry Lavov.
nad - slang gonad
Not a flattering definition. Originally brought to my attention by Jonathan Pfautz. Now apparantly widely used in at least North America and Australasia, if not the whole world. It's only a matter of time before I'll have to ask to have my e-mail address changed...
You may also visit the museum of nad. Thanks to Marc Cardle for finding this.