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Computer Graphics & Image Processing solution notes
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These are solution notes to selected past examination questions. Please note that they are solution notes designed to help the internal and external examiners check the quality of the questions. They are not model answers. Complete answers in an examination would be expected to have more detail than these notes. For security the solution notes were hand written. I have provided all of the solution notes that I have been able to locate. The notes incorporate the marking scheme for the question. Sometimes the marking scheme is annotated with a set of unique letters or characters or tick marks, this indicates how the marker indicated, on the student's examination answer, that the student had made the appropriate point.

Computer Graphics & Image Processing

Question (PDF)Solution notes (PDF)Subject
2006/3/8Solution notescompare and contrast z-buffer, BSP, painter's algorithms
2006/5/5Solution notesBézier curve, homogeneous co-ordinates
2006/6/5Solution notesCMYK, error diffusion/halftoning, filters
2005/3/8Solution notesresolution, error diffusion
2005/5/5Solution notesline clipping, homogeneous co-ordinates, transformations
2005/6/6Solution noteslighting equation, compare and contrast ray tracing and z-buffer
2004/3/8Solution notesfull 3D polygon drawing algorithm
2004/5/5Solution notescircle drawing, Bézier curve drawing
2004/6/5Solution notesRGB and human vision, error diffusion/halftoning, specular & diffuse reflection
2003/3/8Solution notescolour spaces, run-length encoding, Bezier
2003/5/5Solution notesA-buffer, halftoning
2003/6/5Solution notestransforms, clipping
2002/3/8Solution notesBezier, clipping
2002/4/8Solution notesvision, z-/A-buffer, transformations
2001/5/4Solution notesvision, compression
2001/6/4Solution notesz-buffer, illumination
2000/4/10Solution notesfull 3D polygon drawing algorithm
2000/5/4Solution notesCRT, run-length encoding
2000/6/4Solution notescircle, transformations, Bézier curve
1999/4/10Solution notesBézier curve, sampling in ray tracing, BSP vs depth sort
1999/5/4Solution notesdisplay resolution, error diffusion, dither matrix
1999/6/4Solution notestransformations, polygon clipping
1998/4/10Solution notesillumination, ray tracing
1998/5/4Solution notesclipping, transformations
1998/6/4Solution notesdisplay, colour, compression
The mark distributions for CGIP questions are available (PDF, 67kB).
Graphics questions may look easy, but it is a challenge to get a good mark. In particular, many students give incomplete or incorrect descriptions of algorithms.