Michael Dales

Who am I?

I am a Research Associate on the TAPAS project in the Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge, and a Senior Member of Wolfson College.


For my PhD I studied the problems of providing field programmable logic in a workstation class processor to allow applications to load custom instruction sets at run time. This work looked at how an operating system would manage the resource allocation in such a dynamic environment, and how the hardware and programming language systems could support the resource use. More information on that can be found here, along with a list of publications.

Currently I am investigating some network monitoring related topics related to TAPAS. We are investigating how a third party can monitor network SLAs and provide notification of violations to the interested parties, and looking at providing some measurement support for parts of the TAPAS project developed by our partners.

In addition, I have been assisting on the SOAPS project, ran by Intel Research, Cambridge, which aims to develop optical switching technologies and architectures for the computer networking environment. I've been investiaging the control and configuration aspects of the network and have been implementing parts of the electronics required to drive the network.


I'm currently supervising Advanced Systems Topics. The latest questions set for supervisions can be found here.

The previous term's questions for Digital Communications II can be found here.

Contact details

Local people can find my contact details in vcard format in my home directory as contact.vcf.

EmailMichael.Dales at cl.cam.ac.uk
Phone01223 335 444
PostalDr Michael Dales,
University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory,
JJ Thomson Avenue,
Cambridge CB3 0FD,
United Kingdon.