Computer Laboratory - Matej Urbas

Tea Club

What? Tea for everyone!
Where? Room FC24 (a.k.a. the Fishbowl).
When? Every working day at 4pm.

Every working day at exactly 4pm a small but vibrant group of people gather in the room FC24 (a.k.a. the Fishbowl) to enjoy an afternoon tea with a sizeable selection of delicious biscuits.

Tea at four is organised by the T-Club. Please be aware that the T-Club is supported by volunteers and works purely on the basis of your donations.

Of course, you can prepare tea for yourself or maybe just indulge in our biscuits at any time — not only at 4pm. However, when taking tea bags, milk, biscuits, etc. from T-Club's cupboard or the fridge, we kindly ask you to consider a reasonable donation.

You can put your monetary donations into the box labelled 'T-Club' — which is located in our cupboard (usually on top of the boxes that contain biscuits).

Everyone is welcome to join us every working day at 4pm in the Fishbowl, where we prepare a larger brew of complimentary tea.

Suggestions and requests should go to

If you are interested in how we allocate our funds, here are our accounting records (OpenOffice Base file).