EPSRC Project GR/R27105/01
Fully Expansive Proof and Algorithmic Verification

Mike Gordon (Principal Investigator) University of Cambridge    Mike.Gordon@cl.cam.ac.uk
Joe Hurd (Postdoctoral Research Associate) University of Cambridge Joe.Hurd@cl.cam.ac.uk
Hasan Amjad (Postdoctoral Research Associate)   University of Cambridge Hasan.Amjad@cl.cam.ac.uk
Anthony Fox (Postdoctoral Research Associate) University of Cambridge Anthony.Fox@cl.cam.ac.uk
Konrad Slind (Collaborator) University of Utah slind@cs.utah.edu


  1. Develop theory and implementations to extend fully-expansive LCF-style theorem proving to support model checking and symbolic execution.

  2. Implement an experimental verification platform to test and benchmark fully-expansive model checking and its integration with theorem proving.

  3. Search for new synergies between theorem proving and algorithmic verification that exploit their tight integration in a programmable platform.

  4. Conduct substantial verification experiments using public domain examples.


    HolCheck fully-expansive model checker website

    Original Proposal and Final Report

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