Cambridge University Self-Build Society

Cambridge University Self-Build Society

We are an informal group of employees of the University of Cambridge and its Colleges who share an interest in self-building our own homes in Cambridge. Our purpose is

  • to exchange information about self-build opportunities, techniques, literature, suppliers, etc.;
  • to coordinate approaching owners of larger sites as a group of individual builders;
  • to liaise with the University and Colleges, who are substantial land owners in and around Cambridge and may be inclined to make land available to employees for self-build projects;
  • to support each other during land purchase, planning, application and construction, for example through advice, contacts, joint contracting with suppliers, or sharing of plots and infrastructure costs;
  • to explain to planners and other stakeholders the long-term advantages of supporting a self-build tradition in Cambridge.

The society has been largely dormant in recent years, but the mailing list soc-cusbs still exists, which you are welcome to join (via the list's web interface).


See talks@cam.