Lin SunLin Sun

Computer Laboratory , University of Cambridge ,
William Gates Building , 15 JJ Thomson Avenue
CAMBRIDGE CB3 0FD, United Kingdom.

Email: lin.sun at Tel: 01223 763642

I am a PHD student in NLIP group. My supervisor is Dr. Anna Korhonen.

I come from Qingdao, People Republic of China. Here is a short CV of mine.

Research Interests

Verb classification, Text mining, Unsupervised Learning


I studied MPhil in Computer Speech Text and Internet Technology in Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge from 2006-07. My MPhil project was automatic lexical classification, supervised by Dr. Anna Korhonen.

In 2006, I obtained Bsc in Computer Science from School of Informatics (now School of Computer Science), University of Manchester. My final year project was proposed by myself, and under the supervision of Dr. Xiaojun Zeng. The project builds one of the world's first web-based document management and processing system, similar to Google document and Microsoft Live workspace. Some screenshots are available in the thesis.


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I am supported by a BT-badged Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Awards. I would like to thank EPSRC and British Telecom.

Technical Interests

Programming languages: Java, Perl, Python ; Data warehouse; Recommendation System

Blog most of the entries are written in simplified chinese


Lexical Aquisition

Machine learning and Math


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