Laurent Simon

I am a PhD student in the Security Group at the Computer Laboratory, under the supervision of Prof. Ross Anderson.

I am interested in mobile security and privacy, mobile banking security, trusted computing.


L. Simon, R. Anderson, "Security Analysis of Consumer-Grade Anti-Theft Solutions Provided by Android Mobile Anti-Virus Apps," in Proceedings of 4th Workshop on Mobile Security Technologies (MoST), May 2015. pdf bibtex

L. Simon, R. Anderson, "Security Analysis of Android Factory Resets," in Proceedings of 4th Workshop on Mobile Security Technologies (MoST), May 2015. pdf bibtex

L. Simon, R. Anderson, "PIN Skimmer: Inferring PINs Through The Camera and Microphone," in Proceedings of 3rd Annual ACM CCS Workshop on Security and Privacy in Smartphones and Mobile Devices (SPSM), November 2013. pdf bibtex

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S. Khattak, L. Simon and S. J. Murdoch, "Systemization of Pluggable Transports for Censorship Resistance," arXiv preprint, Dec 2014. pdf bibtex


Data Recovery on sold/stolen Android smartphones: a Security Analysis of Current Protections, Samsung Research America (SRA), May 2015.

Insight Into Smartphone Architecture & Security, Cambridge Wireless Connected Devices SIG, January 2013.

Student projects

For project ideas, check here.

2013-2014: Jason Lee worked on "SigVerify: Real-Time Mobile Gesture-Based Authentication" for his Part II project.
He created an Android app that authenticates users using the built-in accelerometer.

2012-2013: Henry Irish worked on "Using the SIM as a Trusted Element to Secure the Mobile Web" for his MPhil.
The project aimed at turning the SIM/UICC into a password-manager and SSL-proxy.

Summer 2012: Henry Irish spent 3 months at the lab working on "Biometric 3D Signature Authentication to Show Liveness in Mobile Payment".
The project was sponsored by Samsung.


I supervise security I and security II courses. The assignments are available here.

Contact Information

lmrs2 [AT] cl [DOT] cam [DOT] ac [DOT] uk