Konrad Slind

Konrad Slind

I am a member of ARG -- the Automated Reasoning Group -- at the Computer Laboratory in Cambridge University. My main area of interest is the implementation and application of logic, higher order logic especially. I have written a few papers in the area. Among my current and former projects are the following:

The PROSPER project aims at componentizing theorem proving tools so that they can be more widely used.

Hol98 is a Moscow ML-based implementation of the HOL logic, incorporating many features not found in other HOL systems. Hol98 technology appears in tools currently under development in the PROSPER project.
This refers to an environment (currently used by both HOL and Isabelle/HOL) for defining and reasoning about recursive, but total, functions in higher order logic. TFL supports the definition of recursive functions via ML-style pattern matching, as well as inductive proofs of properties of such functions. I'm interested in developing a deduction-based strong functional programming environment with it.

This was an exercise in combining two large theorem proving systems. It was conducted in cooperation with Richard Boulton then at Edinburgh University, now at Glasgow.

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