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Sports Centre in West Cambridge

The new Sports Centre on the West Cambridge development near the Coton footpath opened on August 21st 2012.
The Centre includes 8 Badminton courts available in the main Sports Hall, replacing those lost when the Portugal Place complex closed in 1995.  A talk describing the facilities of the new Centre can be found here.

A separate Web interface offering a number of JPG photos of the Sports Centre and its various facilities can be found here.

Research interests

I retired as Reader in Distributed Information Management on 30/9/2007, staying on as a Principal Research Associate for the academic year 2007-2008.  I am now fully retired, and no longer able to accept PhD students.  I still supervise undergraduates, and continue to be involved in some of Jean Bacon's research projects, in particular the work on Information Flow Control in the Cloud.

Research interests include distributed database systems, information retrieval, active applications and access control (including RBAC for wide-area applications with federated management domains, and also trust-based access control systems). Until I retired Jean Bacon and I led the Opera project, which had EPSRC funded research grants for the Multi-Service Storage Architecture (MSSA), the IMP Interactive presentation support system, Active Systems, Global Computation using Events, Oasis Access Control, Access Control Policy Management, Business Contract Driven Applications, Securing Publish/Subscribe Information Flows (EDSAC21), Information Management for Patient Care (CareGrid) and the Transport Information Monitoring Environment (TIME-EACM).

A list of selected publications can be found here. For versions that can be downloaded see the Opera group publication page.

Supervision arrangements

My current supervision timetable can be found here

Recent and current graduate students

Recent seminar and conference presentations

My foils from the talk on John Hine's paper at Middleware 2000 about CIA servers

Foils from a paper at Policy 2001 on expressing access control policy in controlled English

Foils from a seminar about the formal model of the OASIS RBAC system (given at the University of Hull on 9/10/2002)

Jean Bacon's foils from her talk at Middleware 2001 about the OASIS RBAC system architecture

Here is the .ppt presentation from Les Hatton's seminar about some of the bugs that occur in large-scale production software (given in Cambridge on 23/5/2001)

Here is the .pdf presentation from a talk in the session "Turning data into Information" at the CMI Wireless Sensor Networks workshop (given in Cambridge on 2/2/2006)

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