AI Assignment 1

1) For each of the following intelligent agents, provide a PEAS description of the task environment (i.e. percepts, actions, goals)

a) A robot football player

b) A robot punt-operator/tour-guide

c) An internet music-shopping(finding) agent

d) A mathematical theorem proving assistant

2) For each of the previous descriptions, select and explain a suitable agent design and discuss the attributes of the environment (i.e. accessible/inacessible; deterministic/non-deterministic).

3) Give the initial state, goal test, successor function, and a cost function for the following problems. Discuss possible search techniques

a) Color a planar map with 4 colors. No adjacent regions can be the same color.

b) A machine processes a stack of messages, one of which is ill-formatted and causes an error report. The machine always processes all messages given before reporting an error and does not indicate when the error occurred. All messages are entirely independent of one another. Determine which message in the stack is ill-formed.

c) You are given three jugs, holding 12L, 8L, and 3L of liquid; a faucet with unlimited water; and a drain. Water can be poured into a jug from the faucet or another jug. Water can be poured out of a jug into the drain or into another jug. Measure out 1L of water.

For the following exam questions, omit any questions that contain material not yet lectured upon.

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