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Simon Fothergill

Ph.D. student

Jesus College
University of Cambridge

Room SN17
Digital Technology Group
Computer Laboratory
University of Cambridge
William Gates Building
15 JJ Thomson Avenue

Erg Motion Capture System

General view in Jesus College Boathouse

General view in Jesus College Boathouse

General view in Jesus College Boathouse

The erg is clamped into the jig, which sits on a rubber mat. Extra weight is added to the jig.
These measures help the system to remain stationary when being used rigerously
and helps to maintain the cameras in a fixed position relative to the erg.

Modified erg handle, which motion sensitive infrared LED attached (and protected) on the end

Motion sensitive LED attached to the erg frame, activated from foot pressure

Modified erg seat, with 2 motion sensitive LEDs attached the the beam.

Back view of seat, showing charging socket for LEDs.
Handle and end LED's have similar facility.

Control box, containing power regulator for Wii controllers and serial control board for automatically turning them on.

Wii controllers, used as IR cameras to track the LEDs on the erg in 3D. The are permanently powered and can be automatically turned on.

Video camera, mounted and secured on stand, connected to system via USB cable