Computer Lab

This is the part of the website purely put up to show potential employers that I can actually manage stuff. I can't, but let me give it a try.

In my spare time, I am an avid basketball player, with average skills. I consider myself a decent bowler in cricket. I have been lucky enough to captain both the college Basketball as well as the Cricket team in the last couple of years. For some interesting reasons, I ended up captaining the Trinity-Trinity Hall-Wolfson joint cricket team as well in 2016. I do try my hand at cooking when my wife allows me to do so.

I have also participated in iTeams, where we looked at methods to commercialise technology coming from one of the Cambridge Research Labs. I highly recommend the same to anyone joining a non MBA program in Cambridge.

I also run the Mature Students Society of the University as the President of the club for the last two years. If you are in Cambridge, and would like to join a group of mature students who have had a life outside education (Technical speak for worked for a while), please do drop in our monthly pub crawls and other socials including dances and punting.