Computer Laboratory


The course website provides syllabus and course materials.

Four supervisions are required for this course in 2014. The supervision exercise set may be updated each year. You can download the supervision work in course materials.

Supervision #1: Tue, Feb 4th, after 1pm

  1. Exercise Set 1

Supervision #2: Tue, Feb 18th, after 1pm

  1. Exercise Set 2

Supervision #3: Tue, Mar 11th, after 1pm

  1. Exercise Set 3

Supervision #4: Fri, April 25th, after 1pm

  1. Exercise Set 4


(1) You are expected to answer all questions of the assignment.

(2) Please submit your solutions at least one day before the supervision.

(3) You can send me the solutions as by e-mail, or drop the paper version addressed to me in the supervision letterbox at Student Admin and notify me by e-mail.