John Harrison: Marktoberdorf 2003 Page

This page is a collection of miscellaneous materials connected with the 2003 Marktoberdorf Summer School, where I was a lecturer. These are the current contents:

Copies of slides

You can also see the slides for my originally intended Lecture 3: Model Checking, which I dropped because it seemed to duplicate material from Orna Grumberg.

Working materials

A preliminary set of lecture notes is here in various formats.

Sieg on Turing's analysis of computation

During the discussion of the Church-Turing thesis I recommended the following paper by Sieg. I felt I only really understood Turing's analysis of computation after reading this paper.
        author          = "Wilfred Sieg",
        title           = "Mechanical Procedures and Mathematical Experience",
        editor          = "Alexander George",
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                           on the Philosophy of Mathematics held at Amherst
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There is a page of my digital pictures from the summer school available.