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Assigned talks, 2005-2006

Here are some of the talks given in 2005-2006. For the current schedule, go here.

Schedule: Lent Term 2006
Gil Species 20 Jan
Matt L Ambient calculus 27 Jan
Alex Finite model theory 3 Feb
10 Feb
Sam Capability types and the Dpi-calculus 17 Feb
Viktor Shape analysis 24 Feb
Gil Martin-Lof type theory 3 Mar
Peter Dependent types 10 Mar
Adam Games and model checking 17 Mar
Lucy Domain theory 24 Mar

Schedule: Michaelmas Term 2005
Dave Category theory and ends 21 Oct
Adam Non-normal modal logics 28 Oct
Lucy Categorical logic 4 Nov
Magnus Substructural logics 11 Nov
John Object calculi 18 Nov
Jon Chu spaces 25 Nov
Dave Quantum computation 2 Dec
Alex Coalgebras and operational semantics 9 Dec