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Assigned talks, 2004-2005

Here are some of the talks given in 2004-2005. For the current schedule, go here.

Schedule: Lent Term 2004
Sam Hyperdoctrines and Categorical Logic Feb 4
Dave Bunched Implications Feb 11
Paul Complexity and Logic Feb 25
Alisdair Shape Analysis March 4
Lucy Pseudo distributivity March 11
Matthew Pure type systems March 18
Peter Algebraic Operations and Effects March 27
Jonathan Context Logic April 1
Chung-Kil Martin-Lof Type Theory. April 8

Schedule: Michaelmas Term 2004
Dave Axiomatic set theory Oct 15
Lucy Presheaf semantics for concurrency Oct 22
Alisdair Game semantics Oct 29
Matthew Dependent types Nov 5
Sam Relational parametricity Nov 12
Chung-Kil The Curry-Howard isomorphism Nov 19
Jonathan Linear logic Nov 26
Matt Predicate transformers Dec 3