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Assigned talks (2002-2003)

Here are some of the talks given in 2002-2003. For the current schedule, go here.

Schedule: Michaelmas Term
Gareth Abstract algrbra (Groups, rings, fields, ...) Oct 17
Moritz Intuitionistic logic & Heyting Algebra Oct 24
-- PhD discussion group Nov 1
DanieleSpontaneous talk on Monads
(Marks talk was postponed as he was fetching a wooden cow from Leicester) Nov 8
Mark Pure type systems Nov 15
Matt Object calculus Nov 22
-- Nov 29
Sam Game semantics Dec 6

Schedule: Lent Term
-- Jan 17
-- -- Jan 24
Claudia Faggian Invited talk on Ludics Jan 31
Andrei Curry-Howard isomorphism Feb 7
Shu Yan Bigraphs Feb 14
Sam Topology Feb 21
Moritz Completeness Feb 28
Matt Linear logic Mar 7
James Safe Low-Level Languages Mar 14

To be scheduled
Moritz Algebras & coalgebras
Mark Higher order abstract syntax and explicit substitutions
Gareth Relations for operational semantics

To be assigned

Model theory