LSD for lunch

Logic and Semantics for Dummies (LSD) is a very informal weekly meeting for PhD students (other dummies may be admitted). Each week, a volunteer will research an unfamiliar topic and give an informal talk (over lunch) on his/her findings. The talks tend to be about the more theoretical and mathematical aspects of theoretical computer science, giving students a chance to learn some of the foundations of various research directions. Talks are (supposed to be) pitched at a very basic level.

The group was started by Gareth Stoyle (who also designed these web pages) in October 2002 and run by Sam Staton during the 2004-5 academic year.

For more information, just turn up or email Jon at (replacing the hyphens with dots).


Here are the talks scheduled for this term. The meetings will be from 1pm on Thursdays in GC22, Computer Laboratory.

Schedule: Lent Term 2007
Alex Algebras and paths 15 Feb
Gil Martin-Löf type theory 22 Feb
Jon Predicate transformers 1 Mar
Bjarki Algebraic formation of graph equivalence 22 Mar
Rok Module systems 29 Mar

Schedule: Michaelmas Term 2006
Alex Operational domain theory and topology 20 Oct
Peter Relational parametricity 27 Oct
Jon Semantics of linear logic 3 Nov
Dave Event structures and domains 10 Nov
Gil Logical relations 17 Nov
Rok Game semantics 24 Nov
Viktor Call by push value 1 Dec
Magnus Foundational proof carrying code 8 Dec
Ranald Effects and monads 15 Dec

Here are the talks scheduled for last year (2005-6), the year before (2004-5), and the year before that (2003-4), and the year before that (2002-3).