John Tang




Dr. John Tang is a member of the Systems Research Group group at the Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge. His research investigates how socio-temporal information can improve the design and analysis of real networked systems, from rumour spreading in online social network to information mediation in corporate social networks and from mobile malware containment to social authentication.  

His inter-disciplinary research has contributed to the fields of dynamic complex network analysis, social network analysis and systems design and has been published in major physics (Physical Review E, AIP Chaos) and computer science (Elsevier, Springer, ACM, IEEE) peer-reviewed, journals and conferences.  John holds a Ph.D from the University of Cambridge (under the supervision of Cecilia Mascolo) and a M.Sci from University College London, both in Computer Science.  

Projects I am involved in: STNA, MOLTEN, ITA.

Academic Engagements: Previously I was a visiting scholar with the Applied Theoretical Physics Group, University of Catania (Spring 2010).  I interned at IBM Research Labs, NY (Summer 2009) on the ITA project