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URLs cited, or useful as sources of further information			Home of the Association of Computing Machinery		Carl Phillips Yachting     A source of the Internet Assistent  Dow Vision		A source of Internet Information ARPA Project Information ACM's Computer Communicatons Review	The Bay Area Gigatbit Network Information about Internet Economics - Cern WWW Pages		The Internet Society		Sun's Java language and system	A Lego Enthusiast's page	The Louvre			The New York Times 	The author of Tcl's Home Page	The Xerox Map	All the UK All of Shakespeare	Something about MPEG 	About Security About spiders and Robots	About Acrobat		A Share Information Feed		About ATM		A Bank		The BBC			A modest Internet Provider	Another TV Company Future Networks		Ourselves	online Books Online Careers			A publisher			A PC Network Stack company			First Virtual Holdings		Housing Seismology	Paleantology			PD Software Lumber Yard IETF Information	Internet Information Music and Films		Bespoke Numerical Software		NCSA			UK Government		The Telegraph	The Times		My Alma Mater		UK Educational And Research Networks Assoc			Wired

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