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Configuration of HTTPD

HTTPD has a set of configuration files that are located in the ``conf'' directory. The location of this directory depends on the options you give in HTTPD's Makefile when you build it, but the default is /usr/local/etc/httpd''. It can also specified using the `` ServerRoot'' command in `` httpd.conf''. For example,
httpd -f /usr/local/mydir/httpd.conf
specifies where to find httpd.conf, which in can then specify where to find the other files.

There are three essential configuration files - `` srm.conf'' which defines what is located where, `` httpd.conf'' which defines how HTTPD behaves, and `` access.conf'' which defines access control restrictions.

The default files supplied with the server all contain comments that make it fairly clear what the directives do. However, we'll explain the most important directives in a little more detail.

Jon Crowcroft
Wed May 10 11:46:29 BST 1995