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Available Servers

There are many WWW servers available, and more seem to be released each month. We shall list all the known servers, but there's not space here to go into details on each of them, so we'll concentrate on a few of the more popular ones.

At the time of writing CERN's ``list of available servers'' gif lists the following servers. We don't give the individual URLs here, as some of them would become out of date too quickly - instead we encourage you to look at CERN's list first.

The W3 daemon program, full featured, with access authorisation, research tools, and so on. This daemon is also used as a basis for many other types of server and gateways. Can also act as a caching proxy server. Authors: Ari Luotonen, Henrik Frystyk, Tim Berners-Lee
Platforms: Unix, VMS.

The other very widely used WWW server for Unix systems. It is written in C, and is freely available in the public domain. Many features are similar to CERN's HTTPD. An MS Windows version is also available with most of the features of the Unix version.
Platforms: Unix, MS Windows

GWHIS Server.
Specialised WWW Servers. Commercial, from Quadralay, Inc.
Platforms: Unix

Commercially supported server from Netscape Communications Inc.
Platforms: Unix

A single server providing both HTTP and Gopher access to the same data. In C, General Public License. Designed to help the transition of servers from gopher to WWW.
Platforms: Unix.

Tony Sander's server originally based on Marc VanHeyningen's Perl Server, but incorporating lots more stuff, including an Archie gateway. It is available in the public domain.
Platforms: Unix.

Server for the Apple Macintosh from Chuck Shotton at the University of Texas at Houston. It is shareware, in that you can retrieve a copy to evaluate, but then must pay to register it.
Platforms: Apple Macintosh

SerWeb is a WWW server that runs under Microsoft Windows 3.1. It's fairly simple, and really needs a dedicated machine to run.
Platforms: MS Windows 3.1, MS Windows NT

Another windows based server.
Platforms: MS Windows

HTTPS for Windows/NT.
Server for Microsoft Windows NT from Chris Adie at the University of Edinburgh. Faster than SerWeb on Windows NT due to being multi-threaded.
Platforms: Windows NT on Intel and Alpha architectures.

An OS/2 server, written by Frankie Fan.
Platforms: OS/2

An internet server package for DOS that includes HTTP and Gopher Servers.
Platforms: DOS

VAX/VMS Server.
Server for systems running DEC VAX/VMS from David Jones at Ohio State University. Uses DECthreads for speed.
Platforms: VMS

REXX for VM.
A server consisting of a small C program which passes control to a server written in REXX. C part by Tim Berners-Lee, REXX part by Bernd Pollermann, both at CERN.
Platforms: VM

HTTP for VM.
By R.M. Troth.
Platforms: VM

Server in Tk/TCL being written by Lindsay Marshall at the University of Newcastle, UK.
Platforms: UNIX

CL-HTTP is a full-featured, object-oriented HTTP server written in Common Lisp by John Mallery at the M.I.T. Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.
Platforms: Symbolics Lisp Machines and ports are underway to Lisps for the MAC and other platforms.

We shall concentrate on NCSA and CERN's HTTPDs for UNIX platforms and MacHTTP for Apple Macintoshes.

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