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Where are we now?

Looking at the two extensive examples here, it is tempting to view the information hierarchically. For example, the BBC's server reflects the structure of the organisation and the underlying commerce. The Telegraph's server clearly reflects the structure of a printed newspaper. At least, that is the first impression., and is unfortunately re-enforced by seeing the examples printed here. As soon one accesses the servers live, though, the richer structure becomes apparent, with cross links between subjects, pages giving different views onto the same data, and thus giving a fresh perspective, and interactive, dynamic information, e.g. where contributions are added by subscribers.

Armed with the examples in these chapters, we hope that you can now figure out how to build your own information service, and use this technology to maker it available to your friends, customers or even people who you will never know.

Jon Crowcroft
Wed May 10 11:46:29 BST 1995