ROS and ASN.1

The ISO have developed a set of standards for invoking operations and an accompanying external data representation standard for and parameter typing called Remote Operations Service (ROS) and Abstract Syntax Notation 1 (ASN.1). ROS is not strictly an RPC system, especially since it defines no order on requests and replies. ROS and ASN.1 is described in some detail in chapter 7. <#549#>#tex2html_wrap3828#<#549#> RPC systems started out with the marvelous work of Birrell and Nelson at Xerox PARC. Since then, they have got larger and slower almost exactly as fast as workstations have got faster, so that today, we see typical ROS or RPC performance almost no different from that achieved at the beginning of the 80s. There seems little explanation for this, but a remarkably similar thing has happened to operating systems and Window Systems at the same time. <#550#>#tex2html_wrap3830#<#550#>