<#3028#>#tex2html_wrap4622#<#3028#> It is clear from the literature that there is an order: process placement ;SPM_lt; load sharing ;SPM_lt; load balancing As this order is traversed from left to right: All approaches are better than none, and it is a policy matter to decide whether the complexity of implementing a more dynamic system is worth the effort. There is a measure of unresolved controversy in the area within the literature; contradictory results have been obtained as a result of using different metrics and techniques for measuring effectiveness. Nevertheless, it is not unreasonable to suppose that a simple approach, perhaps utilising only a single load indicator variable, perhaps without information exchange between nodes, will give most of the benefits to be had. Programmer controlled migration of executing processes has advantages which are not dependent on the particular approach to load distribution chosen. For example, migration may allow data reduction to be performed on telemetry data. <#3029#>#tex2html_wrap4624#<#3029#>