ODP/ANSA Migration

Both ODP and ANSA have the concept of relocation service: if you have an interface reference (which appears to be broken) go to an appropriate relocation service which will update it for you. Interface references in ANSA (and ANSAware consist of a sequence of end points at which the service may be found). In addition ANSA interface references for a service contain a sequence of interface references for relocators responsible for that service. When an object is moved it is responsible for updating the relocators associated with any interface references it exported. When a client's binding breaks because it can no longer find the service at any of the end points in the interface reference, the client consults one of the locators to get an updated interface reference. Relocation of relocators can be handled by making them a group responsible for providing a relocaton service for each other. This will work provided they only relocate infrequently. All this can be made completely transparent to the application program.