Applying ODP and CORBA directly to Mangement

Network management systems are very large, but are easily decomposed into many seperate functions (or objects). From this, it is clear that one can distribute the management systems, and connect these togerther using CORBA (or other) for inter-process communication. One can also take advantage of the other facilities in distributed systems to help scale the management system. For example: By making the access between management components part of a set of standard objects, we can use inheritence to implement the common functions across the different management functions - for example performance, fault and billing management may all need to access very similar objects in various databases that log counters from various MIBs (e.g. call durations, packet counts, errors logged and so forth). An important datatype which might be stored in a distributed management system is the <#2325#> map<#2325#>. This is a description of the topological relationship between a number of managed entities (for example, a cable plant map, or a routing table or even a protocol stack or collection of them. Maps can desribe connections, sets of connections and so on, so we can model many of the real world systems that exist in networks. This too will be in some conceptual database. It will be created at configuration time, and can be by the distributed management system to discvover where things are and may implement policies for any management mechanisms through further configuration.