1. Identify the major components, interfaces and operations for a distributed system for voting in a medium sized country (Note this should go in security section).
  2. Identify the major components, interfaces and operations a system for providing on-line route information for drivers of rented cars. How might this need to be changed (enhanced) if used by emergency rescue teams?
  3. Select the interfaces and operations for a system for on-line submission of student work for assessment by teachers. How should this be modified if it allows on-line Storage and) return of grades?
  4. Identify the system modules in a distributed system to handler vehicle registration.
    1. for the police
    2. for a car rental company
    3. for the domestic car buyer
  5. Imagine two Estate Agencies with several offices each. If they were to combine forces, and pass information concerning properties and prospective clients, how might their internal and external interactions be distributed? Explain how this is reflected in the viewpoints: Enterprise, Information, Computational, Engineering and Technology; and what special requirements might arise for transparencies: Access Location Concurrency Fault Migration Performance Scaling