Authority Relationships

An authority relationship identifies a specific managing process as having the authority to manage a specific managed object. (Refer to chapter 4). To participate in authority relationships, a OS has to be capable of performing the role of a managing process or an agent process, or both. In the context of the architecture, a OS performing the role of a managing process issues operations on, and receives notifications from, managed objects in another OS. An OS performing the role of an agent process makes managed objects visible to other OSs. To accomplish this, an agent OS has to map its managed objects to corresponding real resources or other managed objects. That mapping is not subject to specification. A OS may participate as a manager in several authority relationships. Likewise, a managed object may be managed by several OSs. Authority relationships may be grouped in ;SPM_quot;authority relationship sets;SPM_quot;, where the sets correspond to divisions based on one or more of the following methods of allocating management responsibility: A management network may make use of several authority relationship sets to reflect different aspects of network management.