Managed Objects and Relationships to a OS

Managed objects are made visible over the interoperable interface. All of the managed objects made visible by one OS to one other OS make up a set called the Management Information Base (MIB). As seen by another OS, the managed objects in a MIB appear to be inside the OS that ;SPM_quot;owns;SPM_quot; the MIB. Since managed objects make up the total management view provided across the interoperable interface, the MIB is the repository of all management information in a OS. In the context of managed objects, the phrase ;SPM_quot;make visible;SPM_quot; is not limited to a passive role, but includes both observation and manipulation of a managed object. Stating that a OS makes a managed object ;SPM_quot;visible;SPM_quot; means that the OS will allow other OSs to know the managed object's name (thus acknowledging the existence of the managed object), and may allow other OSs to manage the managed object. The contents of a MIB is dynamic, and reflects only those managed objects which exist at any point in time. In addition, a OS may make different sets of managed objects visible to different OSs, for security or other reasons. The set of managed object classes that a OS can support is a part of the shared conceptual schema. A OS is said to support a managed object if it can perform either or both of the following: