The final step in completing the specification of a managed object class is the assignment of globally unique identifiers to the ASN.1 productions. These identifiers will be used in CMIP messages to reference specific properties of a managed object. Development of OS software to deal with instances of a managed object class requires the knowledge of these identifiers. Furthermore, the stability of software development is assured by the fact that, once assigned, these identifiers retain their association with the properties of a specified managed object class forever (i.e. the identifiers are never reassigned). To insure global uniqueness, the identifiers are arranged in a tree by authorized authorities. The will need to register objects in the course of completing its development goals. An established procedure will be necessary to facilitate registration of the managed object classes that are specified. In establishing this procedure, consideration must be given to records keeping, experimental developments, retiring identifiers, and the possibility of online access to the library of managed object class definitions including their assigned identifiers. Formal guide lines governing the responsibilities of authorities assigning identifiers is forthcoming from ISO.