The Enterprise Viewpoint

The enterprise viewpoint of network management is concerned with user requirements, policies, and the broadest level of interoperability modeling. This viewpoint focuses on the primary aim: to provide interoperable network management. An enterprise is an organization working towards some common business objectives. In the context of network management, an enterprise includes: A management solution is the total set of network management systems, procedures and facilities which are used by an enterprise or cooperating group of enterprises. Management users are part of this solution. The management solution is introduced to the architecture to model both the standardised communications aspects and the non-standard aspects of network management. Other than the standardized communications aspects, the internal structure of the management solution is not modeled or specifies in any way. To help clarify this modeling concept, we give a number of examples of possible parts of a management solution: When the management solutions of two or more enterprises begin to communicate, this results in a single combined management solution for the enterprise that arises from the common business objectives of the cooperating group of enterprises. The is committed to OSI management standards as the means to provide interoperability. Various groups (ISO, CCITT, ITEM, etc.) are gathering consensus on the application of these standards for managing resources such as modems, (N)-layers, and end systems. The is applying these same standards towards management interoperability.