The MICE Project Requirements

The MICE project has the slightly unusual requirements needing to support: These requirements have dictated that we build a number of Conference Management and Multiplexing Centres to provide the necessary format conversion and multiplexing to interwork between the multicast workstation based domain and unicast (whether IP or ISDN) hardware based domain. Traditionally such a multiplexing centre would employ a centralised conference control system (such a the CAR system or a number of others mentioned above and later), but for MICE, that is not possible as we wish the users of our CMMC to participate in large multicast based conferences. We also do not wish to change the multicast media applications when they switch from a entirely multicast based conference to one using a CMMC for some participants. We believe that these requirements are more general than just for the MICE project. It is inevitable that translators, multiplexors, format converters and so forth will form some part of future conferences, and that large conferences will be primarily multicast based. Thus although CCCP has originated from the needs of the MICE project, it has done so from a process of generalisation that we should make it widely applicable.