Modularity of this Conferencing System

A conference is made up of four different facets.
  1. The FLOOR schema which is the set of channels open at a given time, and previously requested by one of the current people in the conference.
  2. The ASIDES schema which looks after individual asides between the users of the system.
  3. The QUEUE schema which maintains an ordered list of Bids, which are made up of the identity of the user, the current users, a desired floor (by default a floor where the requester has a communication channel with all the people of the conference), the type of speech act (by default an assertion) and the time of the request. It also has a weighting function which ranks the Bids.
  4. ALLOWED schema, which restricts the type of floors allowed in a given schema.
So then our total schema for the CONFERENCE is: <#1227#>CONFERENCE<#1227#> FLOOR ASIDES QUEUE ALLOWED some predicates by+