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Thanks first to Paul White, Stuart Clayman and Saleem Bhatti for permission to use their material in chapters two, four and nine. Thanks to the IETF's Audio and Video WG, the MMusic WG, the IAB's End2end Research Group, the Integrated and Differentiated Services and RSVP WGs, and to UCL and the (D)ARPA, and the EC MICE projects. Thanks to Craig Partridge at BBN, Khalid Sayood of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Deborah Estrin of USC, Tony Ballardie, Joc Chappell, Rex P. Tseng, and especially Syngen Brown for copious feedback on the last draft. Thanks to Petri Aukia for some LaTeX help.

Thanks to Rachel Blackman at UCL Press and Tony Moore for editorial work and cover designs.

Thanks to Andrew Carrick for encouragement and editorial help on two previous books!

We must acknowledge a broad debt to Van Jacobson, lately of the Lawrence Berkeley Network Laboratory, for his pioneering work, upon which is based a large part of what we describe in this book.

Thanks finally to Dave Clark at MIT for copious feedback, and to Jennifer Mann of MK for editorial assistance.