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CCC Names

Our model of the CCC is a broadcast bus, where the receivers filter the messages according to what information and which protocols they need to receive and participate in. Using this model, we based our naming scheme upon the attributes of an application that could be used in deciding whether to receive a message. We thus build a name tuple from three parts:

  (instantiation, type, address)

An application registers itself with its CCC library, specifying one or more tuples that it considers describe itself. Note that there is no conference identifier currently specified as part of the tuple, but this is liable to change, since a conference identifier may be useful in unifying conference management and conference meta-management, and considerably simplifies the design of applications which may be part of multiple conferences simultaneously. In the current prototype design, a control group address or control host address or address list are specified at startup, and that Meta-conferencing (i.e., allocation and discovery of conference addresses) is outside the scope the CCC itself. The parts of the tuple are: