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Region Coding

Intel's Digital Video Interactive compression scheme is based on the region encoding technique. Each picture is divided into regions which in turn is split into subregions and so on, until the regions can be mapped onto basic shapes to fit the required bandwidth and quality. The chosen shapes can be reproduced well at the decoder. The data sent is a description of the region tree and of the shapes at the leaves. This is an asymmetric coding, which requires large amount of processing for the encoding and less for the decoding.

DVI ,though not a standard, started to play an important role in the market. SUN prototype DIME board used DVI compression and it was planned to be incorporated in the new generation of SUN videopix cards.

This turned out to be untrue. Intel canceled the development of the V3 DVI chips. SUN next generation of VideoPix, the SunVideo card does not support DVI. The future of DVI is all in doubt.