Teaching Activities

Cambridge Supervisions

During my first term at Cambridge I have been involved in undergraduate supervisions.

  • Concurrent Systems & applications
    The aims of this course are (a) to introduce the modular design of application software, using the facilities of the Java programming language as running examples, (b) to explore the need for and implementation of concurrency control and communication in inter-process and intra-process contexts and (c) to introduce the concept of transactions and their implementation and uses.

  • Operating Systems II
    This course hopes to impart a detailed understanding of the algorithms and techniques used within operating systems. It aims to consolidate and build upon the knowledge learned in earlier courses, and to encourage students to develop an appreciation for the trade-offs involved in designing and implementing an operating system.

Part IB Course Website: http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/Teaching/current/IB.html


A three hour lecture series on web services part of the Inverted CERN School of Computing. This theme concentrated on the media hyped technology of Web Services. Leveraging resources, material and discussions from the Software Engineering Track of the 2004 CERN School of Computing it attempted to shed more light on a fairly recent technology by explaining the fundamental concepts, describing the enabling technologies and actually developing a small application in Class!

The lectures covered topics like writing a Service Consumer and a Service Provider, deployment techniques, dynamic location of Web Services and security for Web Services. The whole theme aimed to maintain a good balance between theoretical knowledge and practical skills using state of the art software engineering tools and methodologies.

School's Website: iCSC2005

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