Research and interests

  • Physics of cancer
  • Modeling tumor growth (esp. breast and brain cancer)
  • Collective behavior of migrating cells
  • Bone remodeling
  • Crowding and exclusion processes
  • Renewal complex processes


  • P. Allegrini, G. Ascolani, M. Bologna, P. Grigolini, “Renewal aging and linear response”, eprint arXiv:cond-mat/0602281 (2006) [PDF] [show]
  • Gianluca Ascolani, et al., “Subordination to periodic processes and synchronization”, Physica A 388, 13 (2009) [PDF] [show]
  • G. Ascolani, “EEG, Alpha waves and coherence”, PhD Thesis (2009) [PDF] [show]
  • Mauro Bologna, Gianluca Ascolani, Paolo Grigolini, “Density approach to ballistic anomalous diffusion: an exact analytical treatment”, J. Math Phys. 51, 4 (2010) [PDF] [show]
  • G. Ascolani, M. Badoual, C. Deroulers, “Exclusion processes: Short-range correlations induced by adhesion and contact interactions”, Phys. Rev E 87, 1 (2013) [PDF] [show]
  • G. Ascolani, Pietro Lio', “Modeling TGF-beta in early stages of cancer tissue dynamics”, PloS ONE 9(2): e88533, (2014) [PDF] [show]
  • G. Ascolani, Annalisa Occhipinti, Pietro Lio', “Modelling circulating tumour cells for personalised survival prediction in metastatic breast cancer”, PLoS Comput Biol 11, 5 (2015) [PDF] [show]

Conferences, talks and posters

  • “Migration processes of interacting cancerous cells: beyond the mean field approximation”, ECMTB 2011, Krakow, Polland
  • “Glioma Cells Exchanging Information Via Gap Junctions and Their Migration Process”, Michigan State University, USA (2011)
  • “CA model for Glioblastoma tumor: cells migration process driven by gap junctional interaction”, University of Camerino, Italy (2012)
  • “Model for Glioblastoma tumor: cells migration process driven by gap junctional and adhesion interactions”, Physics meets Biology 2012, Oxford, UK
  • “Exclusion processes and cell migration”, Journées de Physique Statistique 2013 , Paris, FR
  • “CA model for glioma cell migration processes”, Physics of Living Matters 8 2013, Cambridge, UK
  • “Breast Cancer and TGFb signaling”, ECMTB 2014, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • “Circulating tumour stem cells: a model from breast cancer to bone metastasis”, EMBL Symposia 2015, Heidelberg, Germany
  • Cambridge Network day 2015, Cambridge, UK
  • Cambridge Cancer Centre postdoc meeting, Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, Cambridge, UK (2015)
  • Organiser of "Modeling Metabolic Health", Cambridge, UK (2015)
  • "Circulating tumour cells: a model from breast cancer to bone metastasis", Computational and Systems Biology series, Newton Institute, Cambridge, UK (2016)
  • "Computational Methods in Systems Biology 2016", Cambridge, UK

Teaching and Tutoring

  • Presentation on "extreme pathways and flux balance analysis" for the part III course in systems biology, University of Cambridge (2016)
  • Supervision on Mathematical Methods for Computer Science, Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge (2015)
  • Supervising MPhill students doing a projects in bioinformatics at the University of Cambridge
  • Lab assistant at the University of North Texas, USA (2009)
  • Tutoring in astrophysics at the University of North Texas, USA (2008)


Curriculum Vitae

E-mail: ga304 #
Office: FE10
Phone: +44 (0)1223 763790
University of Cambridge
Computer Laboratory
15 JJ Thomson Avenue
Cambridge CB3 0FD, UK