Computer Laboratory

Available Codes

  • OSNT: Official Webpage
  • 40G Open Source Network Tester

  • High Speed Packet Classifier on NetFPGA-1G: Wiki Page
  • (DFA-based Deterministic Packet Classifier)

  • Network Monitoring System on NetFPGA-1G: Wiki Page
  • (Passive monitoring platform providing HW timestamp and packet filtering)

  • NetFPGA-10G Reference L2 Switch: Wiki Page
  • (Learning CAM layer 2 switch)

  • NetFPGA-10G Reference Router: Wiki Page
  • (Fully functional IPv4 router)

  • From NetFPGA-1G to NetFPGA-10G: Datapath / Registerpath
  • (Library for porting NetFPGA-1G modules to the new 10G platform)

  • Patch for nanosecond-libpcap: (provided in the OSNT release)

  • Patch for nanosecond-TCPDump: Patch / Info
  • (Patch to enable nanosecond resolution in tcpdump)