Flora Ponjou Tasse

Enhanced texture-based terrain synthesis on GPU


We present a patch-based terrain synthesis framework constrained by user-specified curvilinear features such as ridges and valleys. The framework copies patches of a Digital Elevation model from a real landscape onto the output terrain such that the output contains the curvilinear features specified by the user and exhibit the characteristics of the real landscape. A user specifies where terrain features appear in the generated terrain by providing a 2D sketch map or drawing 2.5D sketched curves in the sketching interface. Features are automatically extracted from the user constraints and a real landscape, and a patch-based texture synthesis guided by these features produces a realistic terrain that fits the user constraints. A novel patch merging technique is proposed to remove boundary artifacts created by overlapping patches.

We show that terrains generated by our system are more realistic than current state-of-the-art terrain synthesis methods. We also present two GPU acceleration techniques and show that these parallel implementations accelerate the matching process by 6 times compared to the optimized CPU version.

  • Terrain Navigator [github]
  • Terrain Generation (without sketching interface) [github]
  • Tasse, F. P., Gain, J. and Marais, P. (2012), Enhanced Texture-Based Terrain Synthesis on Graphics Hardware. Computer Graphics Forum, 31: 1959 - 1972. [link] [pptx]
  • Flora Ponjou Tasse. Texture-based terrain synthesis on Graphics hardware (CUDA). M.Sc. Thesis. University Of Cape Town, 2011. [pdf]
  • Poster: Texture-based terrain synthesis on Graphics hardware (CUDA) [pdf]