Flora Ponjou Tasse

Welcome! I am a PhD student in the Rainbow group (University of Cambridge), under the supervision of Neil Dodgson. I am currently looking at sketch-based shape modelling by example. Prior to this project, I worked on enhanced texture-based terrain synthesis on GPU and crowd simulation of virtual autonomous pedestrians. I also have a one-year work experience as an iOS developer. My research interests lie in geometric processing, procedural modelling, texture synthesis and high performance computing.


Conferences & Journals
  • Tasse, F. P., Gain, J. and Marais, P. (2012), Enhanced Texture-Based Terrain Synthesis on Graphics Hardware. Computer Graphics Forum, 31: 1959 – 1972. [link]
  • Flora Ponjou Tasse, Kevin Glass, and Shaun Bangay, "Simulating crowd phenomena in african markets", In Afrigraph '09: Proceedings of the 6th international conference on Computer graphics, virtual Reality, visualisation and interaction in Africa, pages 47 - 52, Pretoria, South Africa. ACM Press, New York, NY, USA. 2009 [link]
Master thesis

Flora Ponjou Tasse. Texture-based terrain synthesis on Graphics hardware (CUDA). M.Sc. Thesis. University Of Cape Town, 2011. [pdf]

Honours thesis

Flora Ponjou Tasse, "Crowd simulation of pedestrians in a virtual city", Rhodes University. 2008 - [pdf]

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