Fill in this form to obtain a DHT6 identity

First name (required):FNAME
Middle name/initial or nickname:MNAME
Surname (required):SNAME
E-mail address:EMAIL
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Choose a password (required):PASSWORD
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You may later be able to change your email, web page and password, but you won't be able to change your name; so get it right before pressing "Register". The use of false names is discouraged (but not forbidden).

Registering several times under slightly different names (or under wildly different names, for that matter) is strongly discouraged (but not forbidden). Besides, if you do, it's your loss: the titles you earn under the different names won't be cumulative.

Don't use a password for DHT6 (or for any random service for that matter) that you are already using for another system. Why? Exercise left to the reader.

Any data you type into here, except the password, is going to be made public in the log. I am not going to sell the DHT log to any of these idiots that send out mass mailings, but it's public and they might find it by their own initiative. If you are bothered that entering your e-mail in here might attract spam, you're free not to enter it.

In the final DHT7 I'd like to "reserve" the userids of previous DHT players so that someone who had conquered 10 titles as ABC in DHT5 and below can still call himself ABC in DHT7. I am not doing this right now in DHT6, mainly because it would take me extra time to transfer the logs, code up the feature and to find a reliable way to contact and authenticate the old players. But bear in mind that the userid you receive under DHT6 may not carry over to DHT7. In particular, if you are new and receive a userid that had already been assigned to someone else, you may have to give it up later. And even if you are an old player you may temporarily (for the duration of DHT6) not get the same userid as before.

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