Yonatan's Original Base Proposal


I have completed my D2SG about a month (or two) ago, but I couldn't find the
time to do this until now.

I saw on the DHT5 log that the D1SG level sets were changed and you were
looking for someone to do the same for the D2SG level sets. Well, I
completed all levels on Hurt Me Plenty under the par time (I also recorded
most of them) and I made level sets for them based upon how tough it was to
complete the level alive, how tough it was to complete it under par, how
complicated it is and how many tries it took me. These are the sets:

Easiest 01 18 32
Easy    03 05 07 08 10 15 21 27 28 30 31
Medium  04 09 11 16 19 20 22 23 25
Hard    02 06 12 13 14 24 26
Hardest 17 29

I hope you'll take these sets into consideration so that people who try to
do D2SG will have fair sets.

Thank you,

Yonatan Donner (D1M,D2M,D1SG,D2SG)
< yonatan.donner@tbu.excellnet.co.il >

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