Computer Laboratory

    Felix Hill

    I am a first year PhD Student in the Computer Laboratory's Natural Language and Information Processing Group, supervised by Anna Korhonen.

    My research applies results from psychology and cognitive linguistics to computational semantics. I am particularly interested in the differences between abstract and concrete concepts.

    Because cross-disciplinary work is not as common as it should be, I am a student organizer for the Cambridge Language Sciences initiative.

    When I'm not doing worky stuff I like travelling, running, football, tennis and relaxing.

    I was also also Captain of the Cambridge University Stymies Golf Team, who enjoy doling out punishment to my former university.

    I am a St John's College Benefactors' Scholar.


     Selected* Publications

     Bentz, C., Kiela, D., Hill, F. and Buttery, P. (submitted). Zipf's law and the grammar of languages: A quantitative study of Old and Modern English parallel texts.

     Hill, F. , Korhonen, A., & Bentz, C. 2013. A quantitative empirical analysis of the abstract/concrete distinction. Cognitive Science

      Hill, F., Kiela, D., & Korhonen, A. 2013. Concreteness and corpora: A theoretical and practical analysis. Proceedings of ACL 2013, Workshop on Cognitive Modelling and Computational Linguistics, Sofia, Bulgaria.                 Cognitive Science Society BEST STUDENT PAPER AWARD.

     Hill, F., Korhonen, A., & Bentz, C. 2013. Large-scale empirical analyses of concreteness. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, Berlin, Germany

      Hill, F. 2012. Beauty before age: Applying subjectivity to English adjective ordering. Proceedings of NAACL-HLT 2012 Student Research Workshop, Montreal, Canada

*I have selected all of them

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